Sealand Foods

Product Categories


Shrimp from all around the world in different sizes and specs (IQF, Block and etc.)

Fish Fillets and Whole Fish

Many different varieties of fish with different cuts for each.

Squid, Octopus and Cuttlefish

Calamari, octopus legs and etc.

Lobster, Crabs and Crawfish

Crawfish for your year round cravings! No whole lobsters, but lobster tails available. Also many different types of crabs.


Ready to cook, schuck, fry and serve shellfish in various sizes and specs.


Large selection of basic sushi items with great prices!

Dim Sum

Ready to steam and cook dim sum products including shrimp dumplings, egg custard tarts, variety of buns and etc.

Pastries and Gelatin

Low cost, simple pastries for parties and buffets with many different selections.

Breaded and Fried Products

Ready to fry frozen goods like crinkle cut fries, corn nuggets, chicken tenders and etc.

Surimi and Seafood Mixes

Various combinations of seafood mix with shrimp, surimi, squid and etc.


Different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, duck, frog


Variety of fishballs, take-out bags, trash bags, cream cheese, peas and carrots and etc.