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Product Categories > Shellfish


Boiled Clams

Sizes: 11/20 (10x2lb)
21/30 (10x2lb)
Origin: China

Breaded Oysters

Packaging: 20lb.

Chilean Black Mussel

Sizes: 27-36pc whole mussels
Pack: 10/1lb
Origin: Chile

Cooked Clam Meat

Packaging: 30lb. Vaccum pack

Fresh Oysters

Size: 80-100pcs per case

Frozen Half Shell Oysters

Packaging: 144pcs

Half Shell Scallops

Packaging: 20 x 1lb.

New Zealand Green Mussels

Sizes: M, L

Scallop Blocks

Sizes: 10/20 (50lb.) Black Pearl
20/30 (50lb.) Black Pearl
10/20 (44lb.) Sea Spray
20/30 (44lb.) Sea Spray

Scallop Pieces

Packaging: 30lb.

Scallops IQF

Sizes: 10/20 (30lb.)
20/30 (30lb.)
30/40 (30lb.)
60/80 (30lb.)

Topshell Meat

Packaging: 30lb.