Sealand Foods


    Fish Fillets and Whole Fish

    Squid, Octopus and Cuttlefish

    Lobster, Crabs and Crawfish



    Dim Sum

    Pastries and Gelatin

    Breaded and Fried Products

    Surimi and Seafood Mixes




AAA Tuna Saku

Packaging: 10lb.

Assorted Potstickers

Types: Chicken, Pork, Veggie, Pork & Chicken
Packaging: 8bags x 2lbs.

Black Sesame Seeds

Packaging: 12 bags x 1.1lb.

Calamari Salad

Packaging: 4 containers x 4.4lb.

Cooking Sake

Packaging: 18 liters

Cream Cheese

Packaging: 30lb.

Ebi Shrimp

Packaging: 20 trays
Size: 3L


Packaging: 20 bags

Escolar Saku

Packaging: 22lb.

Frozen Salmon Sashimi Fillets

Packaging: 22lb.

Ground Tuna

Packaging: 10lb.

Honteri Mitsukan

Packaging: 5 gallons


Packaging: 10 bags x 60pcs

Kansai-hu Seasoning

Packaging: 5 gallons

Nobashi Ebi

Sizes: 21/25 (30tray x 20pc), 26/30 (30tray x 25pc)


Packaging: 50 x 100
Type: Full sheet or half cut

Orange Masago

Packaging: 8 boxes x 1kg (2.2lb.)

Organic White Miso Paste

Packaging: 44lb.

Oyster Sauce

Pink Ginger

Sold by bucket

Seaweed Salad

Packaging: 4cs x 4.4lb.

Softshell Crab

Sizes: 18pc 4 boxes x 1kg (Hotel)
12pc 4 boxes x 1kg (Jumbo)

Spring Rolls

Packaging: 1 oz./400pc, 1.5 oz./200pc


Packaging: 12 bottles x 28oz

Super Shreds Kanikama

Packaging: 30lb.

Surf Clam

Packaging: 20 x 400 grams

Sushi Rice

Packaging: 50lb.
Brands: Tomita, Sakura

Sushi Vinegar

Packaging: 5.28 gallons

Sweet Chili Sauce

Packaging: 12 bottles x 13oz.


Packaging: 12 bags x 3pcs

Tamago Yaki

Packaging: 20 bags x 1.1lb

Tempura Batter Mix

Packaging: 30lb.

Tobiko "Black"

Packaging: 12 boxes x 1.1lb

Tobiko "Green"/"Wasabi"

Packaging: 12 boxes x 1.1lb

Tobiko "Red"

Packaging: 12 boxes x 1.1lb


Packaging: 6 x 5 bags

Unagi (Roasted Eel)

Packaging: 22lb.
Size: 10oz, 8oz

Unagi Sauce

Packaging: 6 bottles x 1.8 liters

Various Kanikama Sticks

Packaging: 22lb.
Brands: Osaki brand, regular


Packaging: 12 bags x 1lb.


Packaging: 22lb.

White Ginger

Sold by bucket

White Sesame Seeds

Packaging: 12 bags x 2.2lb

Yellowtail Hamachi Fillet

Packaging: Catch Weight